Gaddafi of libya do wrong things

Muamar gaddafi’s prophecies which was libya’s constitution the bedrock of islam is to enjoin that which is good and condemn that which is wrong and unjust . Muammar al-gaddafi did both bad and good things while in power any leader who has absolute power under a police state is a dictator a country where there is no court system, no personal freedoms . Libya crisis: too late for un military intervention we need to prevent a gaddafi-led bloodbath in libya but the un is too slow and cumbersome to authorise decisive action michael white. What did muammar gaddafi do wrong why are all the people of libya trying to overthrow him what has muammar al-gaddafi done wrong what did muammar gaddafi .

@libyanewmedia tweeted the following list of 17 crimes committed by gaddafi against the libyan people since february 17, the start of the free libya revolution these are only the recent ones. What to do about libya's weapons pri's the world august 31, 2011 12:00 pm cdt when anti-gaddafi forces started this revolution, one of the first things they did was ransack the libyan . The two worst things that could go wrong in a post-gaddafi libya are that it could turn into either 1) another somalia, or 2) another iran both are real possibilities, but there are also good reasons why neither will happen. Muammar gaddafi killed captured in sirte (graphic video) : of the good things gaddafi did and was potentially going to do libya was bad for big business and big banking, so something had to be the zionist murder of muammar gaddafi : gaddafi did not kill innocent civilians or his own people but he did what any legal government would do when .

Here are some facts you probably do not know about libya under muammar gaddafi: • there was no electricity bills in libya electricity is free for all its citizens • there was no interest . Addendum: gaddafi ruled libya for 42 years, and for some of those, he was thought of as an ally by the west, because he had things that we wanted (like oil) and libya was useful to us as a place where if a war began in africa or the middle east, we would be able to fly planes from it. The toppling of muammar gaddafi was just the beginning what's happening in libya and why is it important 'can money buy you happiness not if you're spending it the wrong way'. While the other arab nations lifted their oil embargoes on 18 march 1974, the gaddafi regime refused to do so as a consequence of such policies, libya's oil production declined by half between 1970 and 1974, while revenues from oil exports more than quadrupled.

From the government until the person finds a job 13 a libyan mother used to get 5000 us dollars for giving birth a child there were some of the things people of libya got from the government of gaddafi i hope you have enjoyed reading abou. What the did to gaddafi it was not right, arabs are stupid and fools, how can you kill your own leader, will there ever have that gaddafi user to do to themevery things was free in libya, you will never know the goodness of something a tel you missed it, allah forgive the sins of gaddafi and take him to janna. This video is about some of the subsidies given to people of libya by colonel gaddafi 10 things you don't know about libya under gaddafi's so-called dicta.

‘in libya the first thing you do is list all the things that might go wrong — from internet connection going off to drivers cars getting hijacked’ the startup, which was placed third at seedstars tripoli earlier this month, currently employs 12 people. What a vile piece of work colonel gaddafi was for some of you, perhaps, this will be a statement of the glaringly obvious libya’s oil revenues, during his reign, amounted to $1 billion per . If governments were prepared to shrug off gaddafi's human rights violations in libya, and persecution of dissidents abroad, it was a different matter when it came to him supporting groups that . Best answer: libya is a tribal society and gadaffi was an autocrat to keep order amongst 140, or so, tribes vying for power requires a carrot/ stick approach and . As president of libya: muammar al-gaddafi did good things and many bad things as the leader of libya i would first like to state the bad things gaddafi has done he .

Gaddafi of libya do wrong things

How bad was gaddafi by siji jabbar on march 3, – libya crisis: what role do tribal loyalties play bbc monitoring, 21st february, 2011. What is nato doing to change things in libya were to do research gaddafi has been praised for his efforts to building water pipes to supply libya with water and establishing good relations . Voices commentators three years after gaddafi, libya is imploding into chaos and violence world view: its government has no real power militias are ever more entrenched, and now the state .

  • Intervening in libya in 2011 was the right thing to do | bernard-henri lévy they were all wrong the truth of gaddafi’s last movements has now been revealed by one of his inner circle who .
  • This news article of gaddafi ruling over libya is similar to macbeth’s story in a number of ways it shows how they do the wrong things to get power and.
  • It would be wrong to say gaddafi is universally condemned what do libyans think about gaddafi and would only downcast libya to war after that, gaddafi made .

Libya was struggling, for food, for water for the bare necessities but gaddafi would not give them these things the country had the money, they had more than enough but gaddafi saw it as his and would not share. Global research this article was first published by global research in november 2014 today libya as a nation state has been destroyed by us-nato what do you think of when you hear the name colonel gaddafi. It started in early 2011, when an outburst of “protests” came out of nowhere, and it was claimed that gaddafi was harming protesters by march 2011, the full blown attack on libya was committed by a massive coalition of the us, uk, norway, belgium, canada, denmark, france, italy, spain, and qatar. I will instead stick to this short list of 10 things about gaddafi that “they” don’t want you to know “they want to do to libya what they did to iraq and what they are itching to do to iran.

gaddafi of libya do wrong things What bad things did gaddafi do  people of libya loved gaddafi he was the only man next to mandela who actually tried to change africa for better . gaddafi of libya do wrong things What bad things did gaddafi do  people of libya loved gaddafi he was the only man next to mandela who actually tried to change africa for better . gaddafi of libya do wrong things What bad things did gaddafi do  people of libya loved gaddafi he was the only man next to mandela who actually tried to change africa for better .
Gaddafi of libya do wrong things
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